Under the water, Tayrona National Park is a beautiful world that is home to many types of coral, fish, and other wildlife.

The water is generally warm and visibility is good, though you might still want to wear a wetsuit!

The beginner sites are very calm and shallow – around 12 meters. The more advanced sites tend to be deeper (18-40m) and some have mild currents, making them perfect for drift diving.


Dive Sites


Average Water Temperature


Average Visibility


Wetsuit Thickness


Angelfish, parrotfish, triggerfish, pufferfish and trumpetfish can all be commonly seen, as well as lionfish, scorpionfish, turtle, octopuses, and cuttlefish.

In more open water, you are likely to see large schools of sardines and barracuda.

Also, be sure to check under rocks and coral, where you will find things like moray eels, lobsters, and batfish!

Sharks and rays can also be seen but are quite rare.


Tayrona features a variety of hard and soft coral of all different colours and sizes. In particular, there’s an abundance of brain coral, elkhorn & staghorn coral, barrel sponges, sea fans, and anemones.

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