Choosing a School

What’s the difference between the PADI and NAUI diving schools and licences? The short answer is: there is not much difference and it is mostly down to price and personal preference.

Some divers prefer PADI since it is a better known brand and so comes with a certain assurance of quality.

Others prefer NAUI due to the fact that it is cheaper and the courses go into slightly more detail, with more emphasis on face-to-face teaching.

However, both schools are recognised all over the world and produce equally good divers. Additionally, you can switch between schools without the need to start from the beginning, e.g. you can get the PADI Open Water licence, then switch to NAUI Advanced, switch back to PADI Rescue and then switch again to NAUI Divemaster.

If you have any doubts please contact us and we will be more than happy to explain in more detail to help you choose the best one for you.