Dive into a New World

Never scuba dived before? On the half-day minicourse you learn the diving basics and go on two introductory dives in shallow water. It is the perfect way to try diving out to see if you like it.


CO$160 000

Dive up to 12 Meters

One training dive to practice essential skills, then a fun dive to explore underwater!

Learn the Basics

We teach you how to: breathe properly, control buoyancy, equalise your ears, clear water from your mask, and recover a lost regulator.

Open Water Discount!

If you go on to take the Open Water course, we’ll give you the minicourse for free!

Price Includes:

Equipment Rental

BCD, wetsuit, tanks, fins, mask & snorkel are all included in the price. We’ll even throw in your air for free!

Photos & Videos

We take photos & videos of your day so you can relax and enjoy the dive.

Knowledgeable Staff

Learn about the natural world and get tips on how to improve your diving.

Multi-Lingual Guides

We speak all major languages, including English, Spanish, French & German.


Drinks & snacks are included on the boat for refueling between dives.

Super Fun!

We’ll make sure you feel at home and have a great day of discovery and adventure.

Ready to go diving? Get in touch.